Dear employees,

I have been working with Arya for 10 years, and I am thrilled to be part of this team and on this journey with this group. When I joined Arya in 2012, I was the first woman to join a team of four people. It was a great privilege and honour to be working with all of you. For me, every day is a learning day in the office. I have learned various customised financial applications and also worked on different technologies, which are key parts of the organisation. There are several reasons that made me work in Arya: a better salary, a higher designation, and a more challenging job profile. I have seen new employees contributing towards company success by carrying out the company's mission, driving revenue, and influencing clients by doing hard work and making commitments. Arya promotes at all levels, from entry-level to management.

I want to congratulate everyone on completing the eleven-year milestone of our organisation as we celebrated our company's foundation day this month. All our contributions to the organisation have been valuable throughout these years. All these successes that we have had over the year would not be possible if we did not have team members like you. Your creativity and dedication can be matched with the desire to succeed. You have taken us to an entirely new level of success. It's your contribution that has made this company known worldwide and successful. I look forward to working with all of you for many years to come and to the success and longevity of our company. I have been part of the Arya core team and have sustained all sorts of challenges, issues, and problems together. Pallavi mam and I have faced many women-related challenges, but we never lay down to the problems. We have worked day and night to solve queries, provided suggestions where needed, and also tackled many problems together, and that is the spirit that united us to work as a family, and it has been a wonderful journey till now.

We look forward to many more years of success.

Shubhangi Gunari
Technology Head
Arya Risk Management System Pvt. Ltd.