Wealth Management Application- Invest With Confidence


A Financial Services Company, who provides Wealth Management Retirement products in the United States, has deployed with Wealth Management Application company-wide for use by their financial advisors. The Financial Services Company offers the following investment segments to their clients :

  • The individual investments segment, includes variable annuity products, individual annuity products, deferred fixed annuity products, income products, and immediate annuities.
  • Retirement plans segment, which provides private and public sector group retirement plans, and investment advisory services.


The challenges financial advisors face today in their efforts to grow their business and promote their brand to the public are as follows :

  • Managing client expectations
  • Managing information
  • Being held accountable
  • Rely on research for devising investment strategies for high net worth individuals.
  • With limited time at hand, Advisors constantly struggle to analyze an exhaustive list of reports.

Evolving client expectations and needs have resulted in financial advisors facing up to the reality of having to adapt and update their business models in order to succeed. As a result, the firm was experiencing mounting pressure to provide a distinct proposition.

However, Company needed to help its financial advisors maintain strong client relationships by making the investment analysis simpler & more personal for each client. For that, they required a Wealth Management tool with complete personalization & customization of the design and functionality like zooming functionality, hold & change quantitative functionality, reporting functionality, investment assumptions should base on inputs given by the Client, accountability, financial model, desktop version. Their major concern was that it should provide the most in-depth analytics like application that offers the kind of future-focused strategies and timely solutions, it should have integrated access to sophisticated analytical software and wealth management tools that provide valuable insight, along with a wide range of targeted reports.


Trident Global designed a real-time Client trading model which is having lots of calculations involved with different types of investments, named Wealth Management Application which goes beyond traditional tools that merely organize historical financial information to provide their clients with actionable financial tools and guidance with the Wealth Management Solution. Provided the Annuities fixed income products, our Wealth Management solution is designed to help users not only manages but improve their financial lives. It is a stand-alone app developed in C#, managing $1 Billion assets of Clients for 4 years of the project.

It offered them the kind of future-focused strategies and timely solutions with lots of built-in features like managing information, accountability, zooming functionality, hold & change quantitative functionality, reporting functionality, investment assumptions based on inputs given by the Client, commission calculation & also provided stack manner investment (ladder investment) plan as a multi-maturity investment strategy. In Application, one would invest money in five different strategies & display results for printing handouts. Strategies provided to client includes dynamic income distribution approach (DIDA); DIDA + investment expenses & DIDA + asset allocation; etc.

Client can control & check monetary values across 8 offices by 8 advisors in different locations of the west coast of US including Alaska. Wealth Management Application ensures that this firm and their financial advisors are better equipped with the advanced analytics, insight and technology necessary to meet their clients rapidly evolving investment and service needs.


  • Financial advisors are now able to successfully manage their clients’ expectations which improve client retention and their bottom lines.
  • Retrieval of portfolios of over 1000 clients.
  • Real time app connected to download real time performance of funds.
  • Improve client portfolio returns and revenues.
  • Reduce talent attrition.
  • Add features and upgrades.
  • Configure to suit a client's retirement strategy.