Twitter News Aggregator


There are so many Tweets and so little time. Twitter News Aggregator uses a variety of tactics to filter out what’s up and coming and of interest to the Twittersphere in contrast to the mass of unwanted Tweets. Twitter News Aggregators are useful for a variety of reasons ranging from the discovery of news to competitive research.

One of our Clients working in a leading bank and brokerage firm, investment desk who provides services for individuals and institutions that are investing online has deployed our Twitter News Aggregator.


The main concern of our Client working on the equities trading desk was visiting Twitter too many times to find out if the content on the site had been updated, which took a long time. They were looking for a Twitter News Aggregator which delivers regularly updated summaries of web content, including headlines that link to full versions of that content; they should be able to quickly see summaries of new information in one place, in a widely-supported format. They were in need of such an aggregator which can track market sectors & where they could monitor Twitter accounts news with the fastest speed access & reporting.


Trident Global successfully designed Twitter News Aggregator where Twitter account news is monitored with the fastest speed access & reporting & even faster than Bloomberg. They can customize the news to follow as per specific portfolio relevance. Generally, we monitor the Aggregator on a routine basis & display news irrelevant of format. Aggregator reduces the time and effort needed to regularly check Twitter accounts for updates, creating a unique information space. Once subscribed, an aggregator is able to check for new content at user-determined intervals and retrieve the update.


  • As a Twitter user, you can discover what kinds of Tweets are most often passed along (a retweet) and use that insight for your own Twitter use. The same learning opportunity exists for companies using Twitter.

  • As a Twitter marketer, you can monitor up-and-coming stories, as well as the Twitter users, posting them to identify new connections. Retweet someone else’s stories and they may return the favor. Better yet, you may have topics in common and develop business connections.

  • As a blogger or journalist using Twitter, aggregator sites are priceless for finding news items early in their upward trend towards becoming buzz. With limited time and people resources, Twitter is an essential news sourcing tool for journalists, reporters, analysts, and bloggers.

  • Building your network on Twitter can be facilitated by finding, posting, or retweeting remarkable news. This will stimulate retweets from existing followers providing second-level follower exposure and attracting even more followers of your own.