Trident Global is a global Financial Software Development Company providing cutting-edge and next-generation technology for financial services energy and commodities. Provide End-To-End Visibility, Increased Efficiency, Enhanced Collaboration Across the Business. Create Value By Building Scalable Measurable and Relevant Solutions To Everyday Problems. Open New Revenue Streams gain a Competitive Edge and Increase Profit Margins.We also provide consulting services and deliver technical solutions to our clients within the Financial Industry worldwide. We have many years of experience in Financial sector offer services in both Technology and the business aspects of Investing and Finance with a focus across areas of Data, Trading, and Risk. We offer 24/7 support and connectivity. Trident Global is a financial partner to various Global leaders within US Capital Markets plus Energy, Oil, Equities, and Fix Income. We were one of the first companies to offer Portfolio Modeling and Data analysis. Our elite clientele includes various Wealth management companies, Trading and Investment desks, and major exchanges all over the globe.