A Custom CRM Developed By Trident Global


Our client with its rapidly expanding business base was looking for a CRM technology to enable them with a prospect, customer, and task manager - to help meticulous customer follow up, efficiently manage their fast-growing customer base, and improve their sales cycle.

Client Objective

  • With an increasing customer base, it was becoming exceedingly difficult to maintain cumbersome spreadsheets and various other manual processes pertaining to customers, prospects, and tasks.
  • The client realized they needed a consolidated, handy CRM system that would provide precise and quick information access about each customer and the activities associated.
  • It was difficult for the business development and sales teams to access a clear, complete summary of customer information, assign and schedule tasks, data backup & restoration, email notifications, manage multiple dashboards, etc.

Client Requirement Details

  • Unique username and password for users to access the CRM system.
  • Dashboard Features: Dashboard featuring a pie chart, which depicts the categories of tasks and their accomplishment status, viz., Incomplete, Complete, On Hold, etc. The primary admin can define the task menu, which can then be selected by individual users.
  • Task Features: (A) Task Features: (A) When a user clicks on the sections of the pie chart, they will be directed to the Task Tab which will reflect the task type, task status, task assigned by, and the person responsible for accomplishing the task, etc. (B) Adding a Task Assignment Adapter to edit and upgrade the task status, remarks, the future course of action, etc.

CRM Solution Offered By Trident Global

For developing an online CRM solution, the client trusted Trident Global. We could deliver the entire CRM project, right from the initial design, customization, and maintaining the functional use to implementation, within a short space of 4 weeks. The CRM system also runs on iPhone / iPad to better organize and mobilize the working of the client.

Main Features Of The CRM Developed By Trident Global, Comprised

  • User and role management consisting of an access control list (ACL) that lets the super admin create and manage roles and capabilities dynamically.
  • Task management through which user can assign and schedule tasks throughout the task lifecycle.
  • Clients and client contact management.
  • Client activity management.
  • Master table management - Task type, task status, activity type, industry, relationship status, etc.
  • Data backups can be generated and restored in SQL query format.
  • Outlook calendar integration.
  • Bulk HTML mails can be sent to clients. Consolidated email notifications can be scheduled on a particular time of the day.
  • Bookmark the frequently accessed pages.
  • Multiple dashboards can be created and managed by all users of the system comprising various reports and Dashlets (graphs that can be generated by applying filters and functions on the tabular data). Statistics can be generated.
  • Export/ import data in CSV format.
  • The CRM enables advanced search with its powerful filtering feature. Multiple Search Criteria can be placed with Multiple Match Criteria such as exact match, similar, greater than, less than, etc.

Technology Used

  • PHP


Within a very short time, Trident Global could develop the CRM Solution in sync with the key objectives set by the client. Our Custom CRM is a powerful CRM system that allows user to efficiently manage their clients and activities and assign/manage tasks and generate powerful reports and display data graphically.

Enterprise Resource Management System


Nowadays financial services companies completely rely on modern and sustainable ERP systems to ensure amenability with government regulations concerning data, operations, and transparency. A qualitative ERP software system includes solid financial management software which is entirely integrated with the company’s major structural units of sales order management, shipping, and receiving. In dynamic ERP systems, the transactional information made up by these departments can be available for instantaneous review via real-time dashboard data and online queries. All these capabilities propose complete financial visibility into the company’s receivables and payables with state-of-the-art access to sales forecasts and inventory levels and position themselves for excessive profitableness.

ERP Features And Functions In Financial Services Industry

Practically every company that operates in today’s quickly changing market should be ready to adapt itself to new technologies, methods of running a business, more effective ways of communication with the customers, and even possible challenges and problems. ERP software system is a product that can help the company stay always on top and better its working processes from day to day.

We process and customize ERP solutions with the following number of functions:

  • User Management
  • Client database
  • Financial accounting system
  • Online transactions
  • Financial dashboards, reporting and analytics system
  • Offline inventory management – Supplier term contract, order/delivery input screen, delivery details report, order price balance sheet, purchase price balance sheet, product price sheet & delivery status report.
  • Payment management system
  • Billing management and invoicing system

Benefits ERP Can Bring To Financial Services Industry

Up-to-date ERP technologies automate the daily business activities of your company and have a much more significant meaning than ordinary electronic data storage with basic customer information. With the help of an ERP system in your business you are able to:

  • Improve business performance.
  • Facilitate procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes
  • Cut out all possible errors and streamline financial procedures
  • Certify financial reporting and adherence to comprehensive, controllable accounting
  • Spend less time on data consolidation and more time on data analysis

Custom ERP For Financial Services Industry From Trident Global

Trident Global always bases its work on the personal attention of every customer. The development of an ERP system in concordance with the functions of your company and its service or product supplies increases effectiveness and exaggerates the flow of potential clients. Moreover, in opposition to a standard solution, when the ERP system is attributed to your accurate business goals, it serves to consolidate your sales and marketing efforts and plans.