With a proven track record in the financial world, and with a deep understanding of how global finance works, Trident Global helps to build and shape your career in international financial markets. We provide the platform that allows the Quants to access market analysis, charts, shares scanner, API, and many other useful functions.

Trident Global identified this shift and gradually grew to become one of the world’s most reputable companies, offering services in the Derivatives Industry. Succeeding in this highly competitive climate requires an in-depth understanding of global markets, quantitative analysis, and research skills.

In a volatile world market, Trident Global urges its resources to keep a level head and maintain the stability and composure that the intricacies of international trading demand every moment. The company has been established by a team of traders who would like to create something unique. Our Quant team focuses predominantly on trading on US Stock Markets such as NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX, through different types of trading Styles like scalping, day trading, momentum trading, swing trading, and position trading. And managing the Risk through the Hedging-Arbitrage trading.

We believe, algorithm Trading is the future of Trading in stock and commodity markets. Every trader has a life cycle of trading where he goes through a high and lows of emotions with his profit and losses in the trading which drastically hampers his manual trading decision-making. Algo trading or Artificial intelligence helps our trader to overcome his emotional quotient and remove all trading biases and past emotional backlogs.

We are specialized in offering in-depth market research, trading expertise, unique trading systems (even algorithmic), and have direct access to the trading floor for better executions. Specializing in trading equities specifically on the NYSE & NASDAQ exchanges. Our unparalleled technology and expert traders excel under the best and the worst market conditions.